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Flax Linen Elise Gown
Medieval longdress in black
Medieval Longdress
Fleur de Lis Dress
Sizes to XXL!
Fair Maiden Gown
Sizes to XXL!
Forest Princess Dress
Forest Green or
Isabel Silk Gown
Scarlet Dream Gown in red velvet
Scarlet Dream Velvet Gown
Rose Princess Velvet
& Brocade Gown
Peasant Dress
Berry Red or Meadow Green
Renaissance &
Medieval Bridal Gowns

Lord Essex Vest, black and silver, shown with silver chain of office
Groom's Finery
Sizes to XXL!
Complete your dream Renaissance or Medieval wedding with period gowns for your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids.
Medieval gown in natural flax linen, tangerine color
Fleur de Lis Dress in Burgundy with gold fleur de lis pattern.  Also available in Midnight Blue.
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Forest Princess Gown in soft green, natural flax linen.  Also available in off-white
Isabella dress in an irridescent poly silk fabric
Rose Princess Dress in lush rose velvet with rose-patterned brocade, gold braid trim on square neckline, shoulders, waist and skirt panels
9 Colors!
Sizes to 59" Waist
Fair Maiden Dress in red, blue, or green
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+1 demo: Basic page
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Fleur de Lis Dress in Red with gold fleur de lis pattern.