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Medieval Boots
Great choice for many periods!
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Mans Ren style canvas shoe in black
Men's Ren-Shoe
Jolly Roger black leather thigh-high boot.
Jolly Roger Boots
Ghillie Boots
Robin Hood Boots
Men's Highlands Ghillie Boots in black.
Robin Hood boots in brown, also available in black.
Also available in black.
NOTE: The boots shown below are hand-made, special order, and may take 4-6 weeks to arrive.
Over The Knee
Renaissance Socks
Renaissance cotton thigh-high striped or solid socks.
Tights & Hosen
Period tights in black.  Also available 6 other colors.
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Men's Boots and Shoes
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Medieval Boots in -brown or black suede.
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Viking Boot -brown or black suede.
your head to your toe with great costume pieces,  and the proper footwear from our collection.
Look the part of a pirate, knight, cavalier or king from
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